Caring for your Knitted / Crocheted Knockers

Thank you for trusting us at Knitted Knockers UK with your request for a knitted/crocheted knocker.  They are made with love, bespoke to order, by our wonderful team of volunteers across the UK.  We hope that you will find them a comfortable, soft alternative to the traditional prostheses and find the information on this page useful in using and caring for your knockers.

Washing your Knockers

All our knockers can be washed either stuffed or un-stuffed, although we recommend washing them stuffed on most occasions.

  • Everyday Cotton Knockers should be hand-washed or washed on a delicate cycle and laid flat to dry (although ladies have been known to hang them from their washing line with no adverse effects!). Do not tumble dry or iron.
  • Aqua Knockers should be handwashed or washed on a 30 degree cycle (no hotter or they may melt slightly as they are made from an acrylic yarn). Lay flat to dry. Do not tumble dry or iron.

Reshaping a Knocker

If your knocker needs a bit of a reshape after travelling through the postal system to get to you or after washing, here are a few handy tips:

  • Make sure the filling is spread out evenly inside the knocker.
  • Cup the front of the knocker in one hand and with your other hand make a fist and push it into the back of the knocker with a slight rotating motion.

Stuffing a Knocker

If your knocker starts to feel a bit lumpy or you decide to wash it without its stuffing, you may need to re-stuff your knocker. Cotton Daywear knockers are stuffed with Polyfil toy stuffing that can be purchased from hobby stores or Dunelm. Aqua knockers are stuffed with a shower scrunchie that has been taken apart – the softer, the better in our opinion that can be bought from most stores that have a bathroom department.

The idea with stuffing a knocker is that it is not too firm, and not too soft, and it can be a fine balance. It is key to make sure that there is enough stuffing under the nipple area to support it (even if you have no-nipple knockers).

Adding/Removing filling from your Knocker

All our knockers are made to be adjustable in terms of the filling. You will have been sent some spare filling with your order if you feel you need to add some to give it a slightly firmer feel. Alternatively, if you feel that you would like it to be a little softer, you can remove some stuffing. Simply untie and loosen the lacing, add/remove some of the stuffing through the buttonhole, re-adjusting the stuffing so as not to make a lump or leave a gap in the stuffing and re-tie the lacing in a loose bow.

We suggest not removing the lacing unless absolutely necessary, but instead loosen the threads to access the filling. However if you do remove it, to replace thread the lacing yarn (spare cotton or acrylic yarn will have been sent with your order) onto a darning needle and stitch through the knocker, just behind the line of stitches that create the buttonhole, as can be seen in the photos. Then tie the ends in a loose bow so as to not pucker the fabric. Follow the information above on reshaping a knocker.

Knocker riding up? We have a solution for that—read about and request some of our Helpful Hearts here
(you will need your order number included on your care card).


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